You’ll be matched with a partner at the firm as your principal mentor. You’ll meet formally to discuss and evaluate progress, and also informally, to receive advice, guidance and mentorship. You’ll also be matched with an associate mentor who’ll provide you with day-to-day help and advice, so you have someone to go to with any question. You’ll work with members of the Student Committee who will oversee your entire program. And you’ll be part of a collegial and supportive group of associates.

Student Committee

Frances C. Doyle
“Success in our area of law isn't about technical knowledge. It's about how you take legal knowledge and use it to solve problems most people can't find a solution to.”
Nazeer T. Mitha
“To practice law the way we practice law means that we aren't just someone they call when they are in trouble. We're full business partners.”
Lou L. Poskitt
“If you like getting access to the off-limits, inside parts of a company, interacting with a diverse range of organizations, and gaining insight into how things work and how people make decisions... then you are bound to enjoy our field of practice.”
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