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BC Labour Board imposes collective bargaining structure on construction industry
March 21, 2005

The Labour Relations Board has imposed a collective bargaining process on the construction industry and unions after they were unable to agree themselves on a bargaining format.

The order follows an earlier finding by the Board that both the Construction Labour Relations Association and the Bargaining Council of B.C. Trade Unions had failed to bargain in good faith. The Board had ordered the parties back to the table to develop a format for collective bargaining, with a caution that it would impose a bargaining structure if necessary.

When the parties were still unable to reach agreement on a bargaining process, the Board imposed its own format. Should the parties be unable to reach agreement on a new collective agreement under the Board-imposed process, they will then be permitted to commence a strike or lockout.

Construction Labour Relations Association (CLRA) and Bargaining Council of BC Trade Unions, BCLRB No. B50/2005, February 18, 2005